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1. Giuseppe Sammarco, Welcome address.jpg

2. Emilio D'Orazio, Chair of the I Session.JPG

3. Denis Arnold, Keynote speaker in the I Session.jpg

4. Florian Wettstein, Keynote speaker in the I Session.jpg

5. Elisa Giuliani, Speaker in the I Session.jpg

6. I Session - Audience.jpg

7. I Session - Audience.jpg

8. I Session - Audience.jpg

9. I Panel - Domenica Di Donato, Francesca Federigi, Wolfgang Kraus, Nora Götzmann.JPG

10. Presentation on Cassese's book - Paola Gaeta, Giorgio Acquaviva, Salvatore Veca.jpg

11. II Session - Guido Palazzo, Michael Santoro, Elena Pariotti, Andrea Shemberg.jpg

12. Michael Santoro, Keynote speakers in the II Session.jpg

13. Audience of the II Session.jpg

14. Michael Santoro and Lucina Mercadante with participants.jpg

15. Peter Muchlinski, Keynote speaker in the III Session.jpg

16. Nicola Jaegers, Speaker in the III Session.jpg

17. Nicola Jaegers and Peter Muchlinski, speakers in the III Session.jpg

18. Elena Pariotti, Angelica Bonfanti, Nicola Jaegers, speakers in the III Session.jpg

19. III Panel - Lucina Mercadante, Gaia Ghirardi, Francesca Magliulo, Riccardo Facchini, Giacomo Cosimo Befo.jpg

20. Questions and answers, Andrea Shemberg.jpg
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